2022 Snohomish County Amateur

May 28, 29 & 30, 2022


Congratulations to Jacob Rohde on winning his 3rd Snohomish County Amateur Title (2022, 2021 & 2018) with shooting a 3-Round Total 206 (-9) beating Alvin Kwak by 1-shot! 


Rohde becomes only the 8th player to win the County Am Title at least 3 times.  





Jacob Rohde

2022 Champion



Sung Kim

2022 Flight 2 Net Champion



Larry Montgomery

2022 Flight 3 Net Champion









May 28, 29 & 30, 2022



Defending Champion

Jacob Rohde





Tournament Portal for Tee times and Scoring



Golf Genius App GGID


Digital Scoring thru the Golf Genius App is Mandatory for each Group. 


Host Courses

Round 1 @ Walter Hall GC - Saturday, May 28

Round 2 @ Legion Memorial GC - Sunday, May 29

Final Round @ Everett G & CC - Monday, May 30



54-hole Individual Stroke Play Competition.   Three (18) hole rounds played over 3 days.



The Snohomish County Amateur is limited to Amateur Golfers who are in good standing of a Snohomish County Golf Club with an active GHIN Number and Handicap Index.   No exceptions will be made to this entry condition including players requesting to compete in the Flight 1 as a scratch handicap.  

Click here for a list of eligible Golf Clubs in Snohomish County - players must be a member of one these Clubs to compete.   Golf Leagues (for example Boeing or Pacific Golf Series) and Internet Based Handicap Leagues are not acceptable.   There are no age restrictions.  There is no requirement of a player's residence being in Snohomish County.


Entry Fee

Adults - $260        

Juniors - $210   Junior Price is for ages 18 years old or younger as of May 28, 2022.


Handicap Limit

15.0 is the maximum handicap index;  15.1 to 18.0 Index may be accepted dependent on the field size and will be reduced to 15.0 to meet the maximum.  This has been decreased due to the amount of players in the Field with a 9.9 Handicap Index or less.



Handicaps as of May 15, 2022 will be used for the duration of the tournament.


Field Limit

120 players

Entry Deadline

Extended thru Friday, May 20, 2022 at 11:59pm (PDT) or until 120 Golfers sign up.  Late entries may be accepted and placed on an alternate's list to fill spots if they become available.

Player Flights

Flight 1:  4.9 & better 

Flight 2:  5.0 to 9.0

Flight 3:  9.1 to 15.0


Junior Division

High School Seniors and Younger competing in Flight 1 qualify for this Division.  The winner each year will have their name engraved on the Bill Gowen Perpetual Trophy.


Senior Division

Participants ages 55 years and older (must be 55 as of Round 1 of the Championship.) will qualify for this Division. 

Crystal & Prize Money will be awarded.

Senior Championship Division - Overall Low Gross from Flight 1;   Players will compete from the same Tees as Flight 1.

Senior Handicap Division - Overall Low Net from Flight 2 & 3:  Players will compete from the same Tees as Flight 2 & 3.


Starting Times

Tee times for Rounds 1 and 2 will be posted on the website on Monday, May 23.  Monday’s Final Round Pairings will be determined by score and will be posted on the tournament website Sunday evening.  To help improve pace of play, each pairing group will consist of a maximum of (3) players for all three rounds.

Below is based on 120 participants

All Times are approximate and are subject to change.

Course Rotation


Saturday, May 28 at Walter Hall

Flight 1 - 7:00am to 10:00am

Flight 2 - 10:00am to 11:30am

Flight 3 - 11:30am to 1:00pm


Sunday, May 29 at Legion Memorial

Flight 1 - 8:30am to 11:30am

Flight 2 - 11:30am to 1:00pm

Flight 3 - 7:00am to 8:30am


Monday, May 30 at Everett G & CC

Flight 1 - 8:45am to 11:30am

Flight 2 - 7:15am to 8:30am  

Flight 3 - 6:30am to 7:06am       

Tees Played



The use of automotive carts or caddies during the Championship are Permitted.  Cart fees must be paid to the Pro Shop of each Host Golf Course at the time of rental.  Contestants who desire to reserve a cart must indicate so on the entry form.  CADDIES:  SIGN IN YOUR NAME FOR THE PLAYER YOU ARE CADDYING FOR ON THE 1ST TEE.   This process will be done when your player goes to the starting tee for instructions and local rules.


Practice Rounds

Practice rounds are not included in the entry fee and a Green Fee will apply. 

Note: Practice rounds at Everett Golf & Country Club are very limited and for 2022 PARTICIPANTS ONLY.  Requests must be called in advanced with the Pro Shop - 425.259.1214.   CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE EGCC DRESS CODE.


Posting Scores

All rounds will be posted by the SCGA as a tournament score.   

Prize Money

Participant's winnings will be distributed evenly amongst the (3) Host Clubs.  The official results sheet will state where each participant's money have been credited. 


Dress Code

All contestants and caddies must wear suitable golf attire.   Suitable attire does not include cutoffs,short shorts, tank tops, jeans or denim of any kind or color, tee shirts, sweat pants or unkempt clothing of any kind. 

Final Round at Everett G & CC: all participants and caddies must abide by the EGCC Dress Code Policy


Rules and Decisions

The Tournament Committee consists of the Golf Professional Staff at each Host Club and SCGA Tournament Director.  The USGA Rules of Golf will govern all play including any Local Rules that are posted at each Club. 


Distance Measuring Devices

Per the USGA Rules of Golf - Rule 4-3, players may obtain distance by using a Distance Measure Device (DMD). 

Any DMD that measures other variables, like Slope, may be used but the Slope Feature MUST BE TURNED OFF.

If during a stipulated round, a player uses any feature, other than distance, (for example - gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc), the player is in breach of Rule 4-3a.


Pace of Play

For all (3) rounds each pairing group will consist of a maximum of 3 players.

This will help maintain a better pace by eliminating one player from each group.  

Allotted Time - Maximum times to play will be determined for each day of the Championship. Maximum times to play each hole will be printed on each competitor’s scorecard, and competitors will be additionally advised of that day’s maximum time to play prior to starting. It is the group’s responsibility to finish each checkpoint within the times outlined on the scorecard or within position of the group directly in front of them. When a group falls behind – regardless of the reason – it must regain its position. Time for ball searches, rulings, and walking time between holes is included in the allotted time.

2019 USGA Rule 5.6 -  Undue Delay; Slow Play states: "The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidlines that the Committee may establish.  Between completion of a hole and playing from the next teeing ground, the player must not unduly delay play."  PLAY READY GOLF if your group is out of position.


PROHIBITED USE OF AUDIO EQUIPMENTRule 4.3 is modified in this way: During a round, a player is not allowed to use an electronic device to listen to music or other audio (such as podcasts or the like), including by using headphones or earbuds. Penalty for breach of Local Rule – see Rule 4.3.


Cancellation Policy

Refunds due to cancellation on or before May 20, 2022 are subject to a $10 administration fee.

No refunds will be issued on or after May 21, 2022 unless the vacancy can be filled by another participant.


Code of Conduct

Unacceptable conduct or behavior on the golf course or anywhere on club property will not be tolerated and are grounds for disqualification.   Entrants who unofficially withdraw, no notice to the the Committee, during the tournament may not be granted entry into next year's Championship. 



The Committee reserves the right to alter any of the conditions and schedules herein. The Committee reserves the right to reject the entry of any applicant, at any time, for any reason. Any decision by the Committee, in any matter, shall be final.





Snohomish County Golf Association

Jason Himple, PGA

Email: jason@snohomishcountyam.com